Store All - Houston

6754 Highway 63
Houston, MO 

The newest storage units in Texas County are finished and ready for your move-in now!!  All steel and concrete.  10x10 up to 10x40 (doors on each end) with many different sizes in between.   Outside parking for RVs, Boats and Campers, too! During this early move-in phase, we can adjust a unit to fit your particular size requirements.. Also, we can provide units next to each other. We can get you moved in immediately: Call us today, sign-up online or stop by our office in Houston or Mountain Grove.

Choose the option that you like best and that meets your needs.

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10 x 10

$45 / month

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10 x 20

$69 / month

10 x 30

$109 / month

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Special Double Door Unit (Access from each side) (10 x 40)

$149 / month

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Exterior Parking: RV/Boat/Trailer (12 x 35)

$45 / month

10 x 15

$55 / month

10 x 25

$85 / month

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